Aleph-Bet 1: Ep. 03

Learn the letter “Bet” and how to read the most important word in the experience of Judaism on Shalom TV’s original series, “From the Aleph-Bet,” for anyone of any age who wishes to learn to read and understand Hebrew. Teacher Rabbi Mark S. Golub.



  • Rebeka Celnik

    Why I can’t find Aleph-Bet 1 : ep 04
    The teacher is excellent (Rabbi Golub )
    Please help me finding the classes that are missing

    • JBSTV

      Rebeka, Thank you for your interest in learning Hebrew series From the Aleph-Bet. Not all the lessons in the series are online but you are able to receive both Series 1 and Series 2 of From the Aleph-Bet with a donation. Please go to our DONATE page and select the DVD Series you would like to order. Thank you for interest in our programming and support.

  • Danilo S. Gardon

    Dear Rabbi Mark Golub,
    My Name is Danilo S. Gardon, thank you so much for your love and dedications to teach and share your blessing to people like me who is yearning to learn Hebrew language. I’m also listening to your other YouTube messages like the Hebrew culture and I’m learning much. I’m being enriched as to knowledge and understanding I’m getting from you with regards in searching the truth about the Father and His Son whom He sent as our Savior.
    I also would like to ask you help on how I download and make copies of the worksheets and lessons you provide for your listener. If you could, I would appreciate it very much.

    One of your Avid listener,

    Danny S. Gardon

    • JBSTV

      Dear Danny, thank you for your kind words about our programming. Click Here to go to the page on our website where you can download the From the Aleph-Bet worksheets that we have posted on our website.

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