In The News: Omar/Tlaib/Trump

Mark S. Golub & Thane Rosenbaum discusses the criticism of Israel over its decision to ban Rep. Omar & Rep. Tlaib from visiting “Palestine,” Omar’s questioning Israeli democracy & U.S. foreign aid, and Pres Trump’s tweet about Jews voting Democratic.


Category: In The News


  • Mike Neuman

    Thank you Mark Golub for bring clarity to this most disturbing issue. I am a Christian Zionist (United Methodist) but whose father was Jewish (almost all murdered in the Shoah) and lifelong Liberal Democrat and a mother Christian and politically Conservative. One of my fathers favorite saying was: “From your lips to God’s ears.” I wish every single Jewish Democrat would watch this program. “Never Again” means “Never Again” and they must be reminded of that. May God Bless and keep you always…Mike Neuman

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