JBS News Update – 1/6/22

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from January 6th, 2022

Stories Include:

Israel Looks to Fully Open International Travel,

Lapid, Blinken Hold Call to Discuss Iran,

Prolific, Iconic Israeli Songwriter Dies at 83,

Central Synagogue Rabbi a Jeopardy Clue


At 6:30pm it’s Good Week Israel

At 7pm it’s Talmud Study.

At 7:30pm Ellie Cohanim, speaks with, pastor and founder of Eagles’ Wings Robert Stearns, about the love of Israel.

At 8pm Jonathan Tobin is joined by historian and author Andrew Roberts to discuss antisemitism in Great Britain on Top Story.

At 9pm Mark Golub speaks with real estate developer and film producer Charles S. Cohen about his film, “Red Trees,” director Marina Willer’s uplifting story of her father’s family’s survival in Nazi-occupied Prague.

At 10pm Rebecca Abrams shares images from her book Jewish Treasures from Oxford Libraries.


Category: JBS News Update

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