JBS News Update – 6/16/21

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from June 16th, 2021.

Stories Include:

IDF Responds to Arson Attacks from Gaza,

Terror Thwarted in West Bank,

Terror Thwarted in West Bank,

Knesset Welcomes 1st Deaf Member,

Congrats from Morocco’s King to New PM,

Biden Taps New Ambassador to Israel,

Report: Antisemitic Assault in LA,

Muslim Man Stops Attack on Jews,

Programming for tonight on JBS for June 16th:

At 7pm April Baskin and Jillian Cameron discuss Jewish diversity

At 8pm we hear from Jewish gay activists who discuss the Israeli LGBTQ community’s fight for acceptance

At 9pm Mark Golub sits down with Tyler Gregory who discusses his work as executive director of A Wider Bridge, working to expand LGBTQ inclusion in Israel

At 10pm Student panelists provide the student perspective on bias and hate, illuminating ways in which antisemitism, racism and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments are presenting themselves in a more virtual campus setting.

At 6:30pm its Thinking Out Loud with Micah Halpern.


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