JBS News Update – 6/17/21

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from June 17th, 2021.

Stories Include:

Arson Balloons Spark Fires in S. Israel,

US Rep Slammed for “Ethnic Cleansing” Tweet,

IDF Chief to Meet Counterpart, Others in DC,

TX Adopts IHRA Def. Guiding New Commission

Programming for tonight on JBS for June 17th:

At 7 it’s Talmud Study

At 8 Prof. Ron Robin, Pres of Haifa University, discusses with Tammy Ben-Haim (Israeli Embassy in DC), diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds of its 1,800 students and its “Multiversity.” By American Friends of University of Haifa and Israeli Embassy.

At 9 Mark Golub sits down with AJC president, Harriet Schleifer, on L’Chayim who discusses the key challenges facing American Jewish life.

At 10:30, the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg speaks at the 2016 JFNA General Assembly.

And Coming up next Shahar Azani speaks with Israeli political analyst Kobi Cohen about the many legislative and security challenges the new government in Israel faces.


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