JBS News Update – 7/14/21

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from July 14th, 2021.

Stories Include:

1 Lightly Hurt in WB Drive-By Shooting,

UAE Opens Embassy in Tel Aviv,

Standing Agsnt Antisemitism in Jerusalem,

Slovakia to Open Inst. in Jerusalem,

2 Orthodox Jewish Athletes Make History,

Jewish Emmy Nominees


At 6:30pm it’s Thinking Out Loud

At 7pm historian David Solomon examines Jewish Philosophy.

At 8pm Robert Siegel discusses the lasting impacts of COVID-19 on New York City with panelists Ben Brantley, Scott Rechler, Sheena Wright, and Kathryn Wylde; on “Global Connections: Navigating the New Abnormal”.

At 9pm it’s Part one of Mark Golub’s interview with Tal Keinan on L’Chayim.

At 10pm Dr. Paul Mendes-Flohr discusses the early life of Jewish philosopher Martin Buber and his relationship to Zionism & Jewish spirituality, With Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove


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