JBS News Update – 7/2/21

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from July 2nd, 2021.

Stories Include:

IDF Responds to Arson Balloons From Gaza,

Rabbi Attacked Outside Jewish School,

Probe OK’d re Israeli Food Truck Incident,

Jewish Defenseman Wins NHL Award,

Jewish Woman Fulfills “Bat Girl” Dream


At 6pm Live Shabbat Services are coming up from NYC’s Central Synagogue.

At 7:30pm Shabbat Services from the Hampton Synagogue.

At 8:30pm it’s Israeli’s In Concert.

At 9pm it’s the film Deadly Honor which examines the phenomenon of Honor Killings.

At 10pm Eric Goldman sits with Israeli director Michal Aviad – to talk about her film, Working Woman.

At 10:30 it’s a replay of the Hampton Synagogue servicesAt 11:30pm An encore presentation of the Central Synagogue services.

And coming up next at 6:30pm, it’s a look at this week’s Torah Portion.


Category: JBS News Update

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