JBS News Update – 7/26/21

JBS News Update with Micah Halpern in for Teisha Bader from July 26th, 2021.

Stories Include:

Israeli Coaches Czech Republic Basketball Team for Olympics,

Israeli Taekwondo Artist Wins Bronze,

International Athletic Committees Crack Down on Boycott of Israelis,

States to Decide Whether to Boycott Ben & Jerry’s Parent Company,

Iconic Jewish Comedian Jackie Mason Dies at 93


At 6:30 Teisha Bader speaks with William Daroff,
CEO of the Conference of Presidents, who discusses the ice
cream giant’s discriminatory decision to stop selling in what it
calls, the “Occupied Palestinian Territory”.

At 7pm it’s the Wisdom of Dr. Ruth

At 7:30pm 7:30 International Spokesperson for the Jewish Community of
Hebron Yishai Fleisher discusses the future of the Jewish
presence in Judea & Samaria, as well as the future of the two-
state solution. A program of the MirYam Institute with Benjamin

At 9pm Mark Golub sits down with CEO of the Yesha Council
Yigal Dilmoni.

At 10pm it’s a looks at the films of Mel Brooks


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