JBS News Update – 8/24/21

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from August 24th, 2021

Stories Include:

PM Leaves for White House Visit,

IDF Responds to Arson Balloons,

Jewish Man Beaten in Germany,

Sofia Synagogue Vandalized,

Long Island Synagogue Vandalized,

Jewish Singer Makes History


At 6:30pm Environmentalists address the global climate crisis and discuss how Federations and Jewish organizations can tackle the challenges – thats the JFNA GA 2020.

At 8pm The Embassy of Israel celebrates International Water Day with a panel discussion that looks at innovative water reuse technologies and areas of possible collaboration between the U.S. and Israel to ensure a water surplus around the globe.

At 9pm it’s part two of Mark Golub’s interview with Mordechai Kedar on L’Chayim.

At 10pm Israel’s former Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, discusses the relationship between American Jewry and Israel, and the future of Diaspora Jewry.


Category: JBS News Update

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