JBS News Update – 8/31/21

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from August 31st, 2021

Stories Include:

Bahraini Ambassador Arrives in Tel Aviv,

Israeli Hurt by Rock Thrown at Car,

Jewish Orgs Slam Tlaib Tweets,

Veteran Jewish Actor Dies at 91,

Jewish Asian American Wins Gold in Tokyo


At 6:30pm it’s ILTV’s Insider.

At 7pm it’s a look at the Jewish commitment to social justice, with Rabbis Jill Jacobs and Shai Held.

At 8pm more from our new series Durban Revisited with the first of two panel discussions led by B’nai B’rith International Director of United Nations and Intercommunal Affairs , David Michaels. with Former Maldives foreign minister Ahmed Shaheed, South African activist Olga Meshoe Washington, academic Gerald Steinberg and Sherri Mandell, the mother of an Israeli terror victim, who discuss anti-Zionism & antisemitism.

At 9pm Mark Golub sits down with Kenneth Levin who suggests why some American Jews are anti-Israel.

At 10pm Aluf Benn, discusses “Liberal Zionism” with Linda Scherzer.


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