JBS News Update – 9/13/21

JBS News Update with Teisha Bader from September 13th, 2021

Stories Include:

2 Hurt in Jerusalem Terror Attack,

Terror Thwarted in West Bank,

IDF Responds to Weekend Rockets,

2 Palestinian Fugitives Still at Large,

Israeli PM Meets Egyptian Pres in Sinai,

Holocaust Scholar Wins International Prize


At 6:30pm Shahar Azani speaks with Yaron Buskila, Secretary-General of Habithonistim Movement, about the prison escape of the six Palestinian terrorists and the following clashes between IDF and Palestinians.

At 7pm it’s the wisdom of Dr. Ruth.

At 7:30pm it’s FIDF Live featuring the men and women who make up the diverse populations that work together everyday to protect the State of Israel.

At 8pm more from our new series Durban Revisited, Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton discusses Israel, Zionism and antisemitism with B’nai B’ruth International CEO Dan Mariaschin.

At 8:30pm Mariaschin speaks with Jewish Latina Member of the Arizona House of Representatives Alma Hernandez.

At 9pm Mark Golub speaks with Rabbis from different movements of Judaism, who share their views on the reality of God for the observance of Yom Kippur. With rabbis Mitchell Wohlberg, Rachel Ain, and Steve Gutow.

At 10:30pm, Rabbi Eugene B. Borowitz discusses the Jewish tradition’s understanding of God ahead of Yom Kippur.


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