L’Chayim Roundtable: Election Analysis

A panel discusses the surprise 2016 election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. With Steven Bayme (AJC), Thane Rosenbaum (NYU), Ken Bob (Ameinu) and Barbara Fix (journalist). With Mark S. Golub


Category: L'Chayim


  • kathryn j halllet,ph.d

    i can not belived rabbi galob how you discounted the roundtable folks….you need to spend time watching and listening
    to this sociopath and he is one; he includes everyone in his hate who isn’t like him German,white and rich…how dare
    you defend a man who hates all these people and as for the Jews he is only being nice for now because of Ivanka. Period.
    The only jews he has around him are the jews who defend him as he thinks and has Jews are legally smart! IYou have
    to watch Jon’s u tube shows as of recnetly and John Oliver and you had better say you spoke w/o doing your
    due dilgence. Shame on you….shame on you…iu am orrified that a man i respected and listened to all the time has
    actually defended him based on his written words. dr.kathryn j hallett, st louis missouri

  • kathryn j halllet,ph.d

    Last Week Tonite on John Oliver HBO and of course you need to personally call John Leibowitz our favorite Jew,
    scholar,honest man, and truth teller!!!!!!!!!! do it.

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