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Remembering Menachem Begin

January 1, 1994
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A very special look at the sixth Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin. A L’Chayim presentation

L’Chayim: Malcolm Hoenlein

November 6, 0201
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Malcolm Hoenlein sits with Mark S. Golub to address major issues confronting the Jewish community and the implications for Jewish life of the midterm elections. Recorded LIVE on JBS, November 5, 2014.

Prepare For Sinai – Episode 40

October 15, 0201
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The dramatic account of what it was like for the Children of Israel to stand at “Sinai” to hear the voice of God, and how the rabbis explain the ways in which each person “heard” God that day. A JBS original series with Rabbi Mark S. Golub.

Why the Jews? – Ken Spiro

October 1, 0201
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Lecturer and author ,” Rabbi Ken Spiro, surveys the history of Antisemitism from the Dark Ages through the Holocaust to the present today. From the Fifth Avenue Synagogue in New York City.

Artist Elyssa Wortzman describes how she created a painting based on a close textual reading, or a “peshat” reading, of the story of Miriamapos;s song after the Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea. A seminar from AJR – Academy of Jewish Religion.