Temple Treasures

Learn about the Holy Ark and early Israelite history in a Talmud lesson entitled “What Happened to the Treasures of the Temple?” A JBS “Dimensions of the Daf” episode with Rabbi Mordechai Becher.


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  • Albert Oon

    I stumbled on this program while watching JBS on TV. As a christian I know it’s important to know as much as possible about the Jewish or God chosen people. Therefore I have tuned in to JBS as much as I can find time to watch. I was pleasantly and thankfully surprised at how much I don’t know and need to know. This is my first visit to JBSTV site and I haven’t even touch the surface of what is instore for me. I can only thank God for directing me here. By the way, I have enjoyed listening to Rabbi Mordechai Becher and have learned something from the 2 programs I have listened to so far. Will definately tune in to much more. Can’t wait. Hope God would give me more time away from my 3 jobs that I have. God bless and thank you for the work.

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